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    Training for a marathon is an exciting journey that requires dedication and perseverance. As you embark on this personal challenge it's essential to stick to your training plan and listen to your body. Your journey will be filled with moments of growth and strength, pushing you to new limits. Embrace the process, stay focused, and take care of yourself to ensure you reach the finish line feeling accomplished and strong. Here are five tips to help you train like a pro:

    1. Sticking to Your Plan: Think of your training as an adventure! Follow a plan that ramps up the mileage gradually, while incorporating vital rest days. Overdoing it can lead to unwelcome injuries. Give your body time to chill. Sleep and recovery will be your friend. Increase slowly, no more than 10% per week.

    2. Be a Body Whisperer: Your body is always sending you signals be its best friend and listen! If you feel any aches, taking action immediately will make all the difference: rest, ice, or seek professional advice (ie: massage therapist, coach, physical therapist, etc...).

    3. Pump Up the Strength: Turn your training into a pump-up session! Incorporating strength work will help keep muscles balanced, engaged and working properly. Focus on your core, legs, and glutes to run with the grace and strength of a marathon master.

    4. Your Warm-Ups and Cool-Downs: Make warming up and cooling down an intrical part of your run. To warm up your muscles at the start of your run go through dynamic moves to activate your body and mind, and end with relaxing stretches to keep your body loose and recovered.

    5. Rock the Right Kicks: Your shoes are your trusty sidekicks make sure they're up for the challenge! Invest in a pair that feels like they were made just for you and swap them out regularly so you always have the best support and cushion for your journey. Of course your best choice for shoes is here at the St. George Running Center!

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