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    You've worked hard and the day has arrived. With only 24 hours to spare, the months of preparation and focus are going to be put to the test. Its time to channel all that excitement and energy into a perfect pre-race ritual. One last sleep and you're dreaming of crossing the finish line with a triumphant smile, knowing you're got this! Here are 5 tips to help you dial in your pre-marathon checklist:

    1. Feast Like a Champion: The day before your marathon is the perfect excuse for a delicious, carb-loaded feast! Think of it as your pre-race celebration. Opt for a balanced meal with carbs (pasta, rice, or potatoes), protein (chicken, fish, or tofu), and veggies. Maybe even treat yourself to your favorite pasta dish. Just avoid trying new foods or anything too rich to keep your stomach happy. Make it a fun late lunch, early dinner with friends or family to share the excitement!

    2. Gear Up and Lay It Out: Turn your pre-race prep into a fun ritual. Lay out all of your race gear. From your lucky socks to your bib number. Just don't forget your running shoes! Arrange everything flat on the floor or bed for a fun photo op. Share it on social media with a motivational caption! This not only gets you organized but also amps up the excitement. Having everything ready ensures you're not scrambling in the morning, leaving you calm and focused.

    3. Create a Pre-Race Playlist: Music can be a game-changer for your mood. Curate a playlist of your favorite pump-up songs to get you in the zone. Include tracks that make you feel unstoppable. Whether it's classic rock, pop anthems, or motivational speeches. Listen to your playlist while you're prepping your gear and relaxing it will keep your nerves at bay and your excitement high! Tip within a tip: Google "Marathon Running Playlists" for fun premade pump up running lists.

    4. Visualize Victory: Spend a few minutes visualizing yourself running strong and crossing the finish line with a big smile. Imagine the cheers, the feeling of accomplishment, and the medal around your neck. Positive imagery can boost your confidence and set a powerful tone for race day. You could even jot down a few motivational affirmations or goals in a journal or make it fun by writing these motivation words on your arms or legs! Your words have power!

    5. Wind Down with Relaxation: Treat yourself to a relaxing routine before bed to ensure a good nights sleep. Take a warm bath with some Epsom salts to soothe your muscles, or do some light stretching to ease any tension. Try a short meditation session or some deep breathing exercises to calm your mind. Maybe read a chapter of an inspiring book or listen to calming music. Aim to get to bed early so you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to conquer your marathon!

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